Business client services

We offer comprehensive legal services to business clients at all stages of their business operations with regard to:

  • civil law,
  • commercial law,
  • business law,
  • labour law.

We have extensive experience in solving legal problems for business clients, and also in providing them with effective assistance in running their businesses.

Our Clients include large companies in the construction, property development, service, automotive, energy and manufacturing sectors, and also small and medium-sized companies.

As part of the services provided:


We prepare standard contracts and rules and regulations and draft corporate documents,


We draw up legal opinions in the area of civil, commercial and business law and also take part in negotiations.


We advise on the contract implementation process.


We represent Clients in litigation, restructuring and enforcement proceedings.


We amend corporate documents of companies on an ongoing basis.


We carry out a business analysis (process due diligence) to identify potential legal risks.

Other specializations:

Real properties and the investment process

Company law, corporate governance


Judicial and administrative proceedings 

Criminal law

Biobanks and biomedical research

Personal Data Protection