Katarzyna Działo

attorney, senior associate

She specialises in providing legal services to entrepreneurs, in particular to those in the real property, construction, vehicle and machinery construction and sales sectors.

She represents clients in complex disputes and resulting litigation, particularly in civil and commercial law. She negotiates successfully court settlements and conciliation agreements at the pre-court stage.


Attorney Katarzyna Działo has significant experience in handling transactions related to the acquisition, sale and lease of commercial and industrial real properties, including development projects.


She graduated from legal studies with a master’s degree in law with very a good result and from legal studies with a bachelor’s degree in European studies.

We provide our clients with legal security and enable them to achieve their goals.

We have extensive experience. For years, our team has been providing ongoing legal services to companies, prepares and implements construction and infrastructure projects, takes care of the legal part of real property transactions, and also advises on and conducts cases in the area of industrial property law, biotechnology and personal data protection. We handle successfully litigation and administrative proceedings.We provide services in Polish, English and Italian.